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A music album from Mircan that is a magic potion for life: ELIXIR


As one of our own, Mircan views us from the outside. She wrote most of her songs in Padova, in a house that overlooks a real witch tower with a river flowing beneath it and with a view of "Specola", the house where Galileo conducted his studies in astronomy. Others she wrote flying above the clouds on the way to distant lands.


Now, she sings about brand new things with the distinctive sound she has created on every album by combining distinctively talented foreign musicians with Turkish masters as she strives to achieve universality while holding on to native identity. . Once again she embarked on this journey with recognized masters.


Roger Mills-trumpet, Uğur Işık- cello, Göksel Baktagir-kanun, Yurdal Tokcan-oud, Baki Kemancı-violin, Cenk Erdoğan & Aydin Can Kutluay- guitar, İzzet Kızıl & İsmet Kızıl- percussion and many other musicians besides. The sentiment and spirit of every poem is reflected in music Mircan wrote especially for them.

Elixir  was created via an international exchange with people living abroad during the recording and mixing & mastering stages. Roger Mills who is a recognized musician in experimental and post jazz era has mixed the album. Elixir was mastered by Osman Kent at Songphonic Records’studios in London.




Stok kodu: UCM 27 29 47-3
  • Shipment will be made via Yurtici Cargo inside Turkey and standard PTT postal service worldwide which may take 7-10 days to deliver in  Europe and 10-15 days to deliver in other continents. 

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