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“Mircan Kaya is freed by her day job as an engineer to pursue her music with a singular vision. Her voice ranges from ethereal to gutsy, through pain and joy, always true to some deep and wise river of sound that flows through her to our ears. INSULA may be the deepest yet.”
-Atesh Sonneborn
Smithsonian Foundation


Stok kodu: UCM 272957-1
  •  Produced By
    Mircan Kaya , UCM Uncatalogued Music Production
     Music Director
    Mircan Kaya
    Hayyam Studios, İstanbul
    Cenk Erdoğan, İstanbul
    Ceyda Pirali, İstanbul
    Maarten Ornstein, Amsterdam,
    Mehmet Polat, Amsterdam,,
    Mix: Ceyda Pirali,
    Sinan Sakızlı,
    Mastering: Bora Ebeoğlu
    Graphic Design: Setenay Ece Kaya,

    Mircan: Voice
    Skaia : Voice
    Maarten Ornstein: Clarinet and Bass Clarinet
    Mehmet Polat: Oud
    Alcyona Mick: Piano
    Ivan Hussey: Cello
    Cenk Erdoğan: Guitar
    Ceyda Pirali: Piano
    Merih Aşkın: Guitar
    Şaban Gölge: Violin
    Aydın Bergamalı: Trumpet
    Adem Temiz: Accordion
    Erdem Tekinay: Bass
    İsmet Kızıl, Şenol Cümbüşlü, Gürkan Özkan: Percussion

  • Shipment will be made via Yurtici Cargo inside Turkey and standard PTT postal service worldwide which may take 7-10 days to deliver in  Europe and 10-15 days to deliver in other continents. 

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