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These are my lullabyes. They have never been sung or written before. When I was burdened with heavy engineering jobs, I found myself writing these lullabyes on the dinner table in the living room. There, under the dim light, within the peace of mind that I belong in, surrounded by objects that I love, I wrote
these lyrics within a few hours. Actually this became the things that I miss. Maybe it was a desire to return to when everything were simpler, pure, fun, when everything and everyone were loved easily and unconditionally, nature and earth, air, water,
every bite of food in our mouths, the lukewarm taste of milk, the red berries, wolves, foxes, snakes...
I couldn’t sing to my children in my first language, because no one sung them to me. So I wrote these lullabyes because I wanted to be sung to, and I wish that I had sung to
my children with these lullabyes. When I was raising my children, I read a lot of Maria Montessori, and I knew how important repetition of repetition was when educating
children. I used the same method writing the lyrics. I wrote them within a night. The morning after, I contacted Jon Wygens. I booked my flight to London months before
and organisations were made. For one week, we worked in an absurd studio above an old metro station in which probably old station chiefs are living. When we got tired we hit the streets of London.
We were very happy while recording, we had fun. We imitated
the lamb voices in Tikani Nanni with our own voices.
We yawned a lot, we got sleepy.
I hope you’ll feel similar things as you listen, as you dive
into luminous dreams.

Mircan Kaya


Stok kodu: UCM271957-2
  • Xena / Yapım / Executive Producer by Mircan Kaya
    Muzik'a & Art'uri Direkt'ori / Müzik ve Sanat Direktörü / Music&Art Director by Mircan Kaya
    Muzik'a / Müzik / Music by Mircan Kaya
    Arto Oçalişu / iş birliği ile / in collaboration with Jon Wygens, Alcyona Mick, Ivan Hussey
    Tekst'epe / Sözler / All lyrics by Mircan Kaya
    “Teonaşi Nannişa” çkva / “Teona'nın Ninnisi” sözleri hariç / Excluding Lyrics of “Teonashi Nanni”
    Mehmedali Barış Beşli
    Muzisyenepe / Müzisyenler / Musicians:
    Nena / Ses / Voice by Mircan
    Gitari&Otoharpi / Gitar ve Autoharp / Guitar&Autoharp by Jon Wygens
    Piano / Piyano / Piano by Alcyona Mick, Dan More
    Çello / Çello / Cello by Ivan Hussey
    Rikordi do Miksi / Kayıt ve Miks / Recorded and Mixed by Jon Wygens, London -
    Masteri / Master / Mastered by Burak Topalakçi at Zound, İstanbul - www.
    Orijinaluri İllustrasyonepe - Oğarupe / Orijinal İllüstrasyonlar / Original illustrations by
    Ayşın Delibaş Eroğlu (Arh+ CS), Setenay Kaya
    Grafik'uri Dizayni / Grafik Tasarım / Graphic Design by İhsan Eroğlu (Arh+ CS)
    Turkulişen Lazurişa gonkturu / Türkçe'den Lazca'ya çeviriler / Turkish to Laz-Mingrelian translation by
    Mehmedali Barış Beşli
    “Mircan'ın Ninnisi” çevirisi / translation of “Mircan' Lullaby” into Laz-Mingrelian by İsmail Bucaklishi
    Turkulişen İngilizurişa gonkturu / Türkçe'den İngilizce'ye çeviriler / Turkish to English translation by
    Oğuzhan Kaya

  • Shipment will be made via Yurtici Cargo inside Turkey and standard PTT postal service worldwide which may take 7-10 days to deliver in  Europe and 10-15 days to deliver in other continents. 

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