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"Singer and composer Mircan has created a Pre-Raphaelite tapestry of a CD. It’s construction includes Turkish materials but the design is highly original and eclectic, owing less to tradition than to the work of innovative singer songwriters like Kate Bush and Tom Waits.



The recordings were made in Istanbul but the CD was mixed and edited to a high creative standard by Roger Mills in the UK: sala is very much a comlete artefact rather than an anthology of disparate songs. This is romantic, original and deeply-felt work full of fascinating juxtapositions. It will not be to everyone’s taste but those who do like it will love it."

-Chris Williams



Stok kodu: UCM 272957-6
  • Voice : Mircan
    Cello : Uğur Işık
    Accordion : Muammer Ketençoğlu
    Clarinet : Serkan Çağrı
    Trumpet : Roger Mills
    Piano : Ceyda Pirali
    Guitar : Cenk Erdogan
    Didgeridoo : Serdar Avcı
    Bass : Ozgur Salıcı
    Drums : Selami Sevinç
    Music by Mircan. Arranged collaboratively with
    all the musicians who participated on the album.
    Music Director : Mircan
    Produced by : Mircan
    Recording : JW Music Production, Istanbul (
    Editing & Mixing : Roger Mills - Eartrumpet Composition & Sound Design,
    Bristol, England (
    Mastered by : Frank Naughton at Ty Drwg Studio, Cardiff, Wales
    Art Design : Neil Jenkins (
    Paintings by : Arzu Başaran
    Photographs by : Babs May, Deniz Akbulut, Erhan Kaya, Neil Jenkins
    Turkish Text Editor : Pelin Özer
    English Text Editor : Vivienne Jepsen

  • Shipment will be made via Yurtici Cargo inside Turkey and standard PTT postal service worldwide which may take 7-10 days to deliver in  Europe and 10-15 days to deliver in other continents. 

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